OS3 System for School/College

(Institutional Management Software)

One Stop Solution Software System(OS3 system) is software to make smart institute by modifying the manual system to digitized arena. The name itself unfolds the nature of its function. The system can intake huge data and keep it consistently and securely. A college needs to keep records of students for the ongoing academic year as well as the alumni, teachers, books, and other resources. Combined, the amount of data becomes huge and storing these physically on the shelves is never secure. The OS3 system has 10 modules to provide all digitized information to all members via mobile and computer system. According to hierarchy of the institutions, OS3 system provides strength to all officers (Owner, Head, HR, Teacher, Accountant, Library, Student, Reception, Hostel, Bus management and Parents).

  • Chans Group’s One stop solution  software (OS3) collect data and financial information from various  areas within an organization, then stores that data centrally on a  computer.
  • OS3 system is typically made up of different modules depending  on the type of organization and its requirements..
  • OS3 system will reduce the efforts to maintain the record allocation process.
  • Its all about to how to manage the student record in a master file as  well as how admin and faculty can manage the profile and keep  information about the student.
  • All the information regarding student can see and edit if necessary  apart from that faculty can keep record of student and they can  manage information like student profile, exam, attendance, or other  information.


  • The OS3 system is about to handle all the information of the  student regarding course and examination.
  • The main purpose of the OS3 system is to integrate  distinct sections of the organization into consistent manner so  that complex functions can be handled smoothly by any  technical or non-technical persons.
  • The OS3 system aims at the following matters:
    • To manage information of student, faculty and courses.
    • Consistently update information of all the students.
    • Reports.
    • Assistance in decision-making

Advantages of Implementing OS3 system

The OS3 system is empower to redefined the way educational institutions handle their operations. The replacement of the older legacy systems with centralized OS3 system will bring quick and quantifiable improvement in the administration process. The software includes a set of tools which modernizes the campus along with upgrading the planning and management of processes related to students, Teachers, lecture sessions, courses, library, customer care, etc. The software cuts down manual tasks involved in the fundamental methods of campus administration such as admission, payroll, fee collections, and others to reduce the number of man-hours, resulted in saving of money. The expenditure spared can be used for imperative educational purposes.

  • Simplify all the process of students 
    • Automate fee Payments
    • Attendance report in a single click
    • Library/Hostel/Bus detail information
    • Each and every students growth report
    • Direct parent connection to students education
    • Search student details by various category like name/Class/Section/Father name
    • Print Students certificate, ID card, Exam’s report etc
  • Quicker Management process on ROI basis
    • Decision makers can get all information of day to day income and expenses via accountant
    • Manage Staff leave/Pay Role/Attendance/Credential  
    • Improve Resource Management (Library/Hostel/Management/Inventory)
    • Centralized Data Management
    • Data Security 

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