Eligibility of Chans-Scholarships

Q1- Am I eligible for Chans-Scholarships as I drop schools and college due to financial problem?

Ans- Yes, of course you are. This program is for talented students of any ground. Any student is eligible for the Chans-Scholarships program.

Q2. Am I eligible for Chans-Scholarships, if I am receiving a scholarship from any organizational scholarship plan?

Ans- No, You are not eligible for Chans-Scholarships in any ground, but you are eligible for Chans-exam. If you grab first rank due to your talent, we will provide you certification of merit, not the scholarship. You can use our online portal to know your national rank only.

Q3. Suppose I received Chans-Scholarships and wanted to give more exams to grab more scholarships. Should I eligible for the Scholarships?

Ans- No, you are not eligible for scholarships as because you are receiving a scholarship from the same program. But you can give exam to practice for national exam.

Q4. Am I eligible for second scholarships from Chans group?

Ans- Yes, you are eligible for second Scholarships of Chans group if only first scholarship’s fee disbursement process completed. You have to compete for more though the Mobile-App.

Registration Process of Chans-Scholarships

Q5. What are the documents required for the registration ?

Ans- There are no documents needed for registration. It is free also. But you have to fulfill your details in applying for Chans-Scholarships section of the website. You have to select your exam of interest. It will help us to plan for an exam. We will inform you about the date and time of exam through message services.

Q6. What is difference between registration and enrolment ?

Ans- You are freely available to do registration on our website. From this, we will receive your point of interest on a specific exam or multiple exams of Chans Scholarships program. But enrolment is a process of the online exam through our mobile-app service. You have to invest minimal charges to get an entry into any exam of Chans scholarships program.

Q7. Am I eligible for enrollment If not registered ?

Ans- No, You have to register first which is free of cost. Then only your enrollment for the exam will be considered.

Enrolment & Transaction for Chans-Scholarships

Q8. What are the documents required for the Enrolment ?

Ans- Basic documents required for enrolment are PAN, AADHAAR, BANK Account and candidate’s schooling certificate for date of birth (DOB) clarification.

Q9. What is the need of all documents for enrolment ?

Ans- The basic reason behind all is to transact your earned money. We will return your fees too if you achieve more than cut-off marks.

Q10. Can I make cash deposit for Chans-Scholarships program ?

Ans- No, You have to do all transaction through your ATM card, Credit card, Online Banking, PhonePay, Paytm, PayPal, BHIM and GooglePay.

Q11. I am a teenager to participate in enrolment process. I don’t have documents. What should I do?

Ans- Yes, you can use your parent’s details to participate. You have to give an extra document which should define your relationship with parents.

Chans-Scholarships Exam

Q12. Does a question contain negative marking ?

Ans- Yes, students have to follow strict rules. Every question is objective types and compulsory. There are negative marks on the wrongly answered question even in un-attempted questions. Wrongly answered questions have different negative marks according to the merits of the question. Before the exam, all rules and regulations of the exam will be informed to candidates in Mobile-App interface. Each un-attempted questions also carry multiple times of 0.0123 negative marks.

Q18. What will happen if quits in the middle of the session of the exam or received phone call ringing in handset?

Ans- You will be considered as a disqualified candidate. Your enrollment fees will have lapsed.

Q14. How many times I can sit for the Exam ?

Ans- It is for an unlimited time. After grabbing a scholarship from Chans group too; you are eligible.  You can test your knowledge by practicing our exam portal. The only concern is that at a time, you can’t get two or more scholarships.

Q13. Are there any time limits for the exam ?

Ans- Yes, Each exam has a specific time duration. Each exam has a respective time table depends on the merits of the question.

Q16. What are the syllabuses that I should cover to attain for Chans-Scholarships?

Ans- Chans-Scholarships program has multiple exam types. Let assume, you are giving an exam for Chans-Scholarship for MBBS aspirant. So the syllabus you have to prepare for the scholarship is similarly the NEET exam of government. For each exam type kindly refer all details provided by the website.

Q17. Can I give exam any time in the day?

Ans- No, you are not. Each and every exam has a specific time. You have to invest your time according to the exam scheduled. It is mandatory. Otherwise, your enrolment fees will lapse.

Q15. Am I eligible for multiple exam of Chans-Scholarships program? Should exam of different Chans-Scholarships program overlap each other?

Ans- Yes, you can select for multiple exams of Chans-Scholarships program. All exams have different time table schedule.


Q19. Where and how can I get my score card?

Ans- You can get your every detail after completing each exam of Chans group. You will get answer sheet of exam conducted, your marks, your rank, your answer sheet (all details) from our mobile application only after completion of the exam.

Q20. What is the cut-off marks to qualify the rank?

Ans- Every exam of Chans-Scholarships program is depends on enrolled candidate’s performances. Each exam has different cut-off marks.

Scholarships and certification

Q22. What is the scholarship duration?

Ans- All scholarships duration is for one year. That means the amount will be disbursed from the group to the winning candidate on first day of each month for a period of one year.

Q21. What will happen, if I crack the exam?

Ans- Chans-Scholarships program has varieties of exam pattern and varieties of scholarships. According to your exam type selection and enrollment fees, you will get the scholarship. First, second and third candidates will get a handsome amount of scholarships from the group along with merit certificate. Rest enrolled candidates will get back their enrollment fees those who have scored more marks than the cut-off marks. First 25 candidates will receive merit certificates from the Chans group.

Scholarships Withdrawal process

Q23. I don’t have bank account number or AADHAAR number as I am a teenager to participate Chans-Scholarships program. What is the process?

Ans- Your parent’s documents will be used for withdrawal of scholarships if you secured the best three places of specific exam conducted.

Q24. How do I get my scholarships?

Ans- If you grab any of the top three positions. You are eligible to draw scholarship. Chans group will disburse all your money in a 12-months duration. Your account will be credited on the first day of each month of your scholarship periods.

Q25. Is there any document verification process for withdrawal of Chans-Scholarships?

Ans- Yes, very strict rules are there to verify all documents of the candidates. If found guilty; his/her scholarship will be debarred.