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Education is a basic thing required nowadays to sustain a life. In India, literacy rate is increasing day by day. But, in this competitive era, many students are lacking their competitiveness due to many reasons. The student’s main problems are a) unavailability of an economical platform to test their talent or practice their talent, b) unable to reach updated resources is main hindrance to competitiveness, confined resources makes them monotonous, c) financial constraints of family pull them out of the competition.
Chans group, since 2019, is endeavouring to bridge the gap between students and their competitiveness and to encourage this concept; Chans Scholarship is introduced. Chans Scholarship will help them to overcome from their financial constraint and go for higher study. It is the only platform in the country that gives a platform to assess own preparation and give an option to get scholarship from the ChunChunEx Education Pvt Ltd.

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 What is Chans Scholarship?

Chans Scholarship is a new platform where students have to compete for Scholarship by competing online exam via mobile app interface.

 Who will get benefited?

Students preparing for any competitive exam are the users of this scholarship. All kind of competitive exams are scheduled in this process, starting from higher secondary to post graduation (Eg. NEET, JEE, Banking, Railway, Quiz and so on). We deliver free service to JNVST aspirant.

 How users will get Chans Scholarships?

Users have to give online exam through Chans Scholarship mobile app and through rank official will give a call letter for final exam at different centers in India. Secured candidate will get scholarship for a year, for higher study. Through digitalization everything will be reached to the users end. Our platform will distribute scholarship directly to the users account.

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