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What is the Chans Scholarship?

Chans Scholarship is a new platform where students have to compete for Scholarships by competing for online exams via a mobile app interface.


Who will get benefited?


Students preparing for any competitive exam are the users of this scholarship. All kind of competitive exams is scheduled in this process, starting from higher secondary to post-graduation (Eg. NEET, JEE, Banking, Railway, Quiz and so on). We deliver free service to JNVST aspirants. To Know More click here.

Our purpose is to deliver your excellency in preparation of competitive exam

A students got success in competitive exam only after cross the cut-off mark. To cross that boarder, a students have to understand his preparation level. We deliver their standard of preparation.
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We work together to create a success story in your preparation

1. What we do

We are here to serve you. We will provide you all kinds of competitive exam platform.

2. What you will get

Student will get four things from us
1) A national level platform in Mobile-App interface

2) Could able to assess their preparation level from different pattern of questions

3) A score card of national ranking

4) Chans Scholarship for higher study


3. Awards and Chans Scholarship

From our Mobile-App interface, maximum will get benefited out of it. Each and every online exam from our interface will give recognition to students. All students will get national ranking. The best 100 will get eCertificates and some awards from the company. The best 3 will receive scholarship for a year for higher study.

Build better competitive environment to ensure your great success

Students performance


Students Progress


Students satisfaction


Success stories of talented students

Best platform to prepare. You have not to wait for a year to get the rank and do prepare accordingly. From the beginning you judge yourself.

Debasish Mohanty

NEET Aspirant

Totally free for JNV entrance examination preparation. First of its kind in India. I have never seen such beautiful platform. It is very simple and very valuable in preparation.

Geetanjali Prusty

JNVST Aspirant

A great platform to know the national ranking. I give exam in this platform and know the preparation level.

Purusottam Maharshi

JEE Aspirant

Just amazing. I am happy with the performance. People should get in to it once. I recommend for it.

Suravi Pattanaik

MBBS Aspirant

The Mobile App is made in such a way that. It very user friendly. You can see your national ranking by the means of leader board.

Alka Sethi

Engineering Aspirant

We create innovative solutions that work pragmatically for your whole success.